OFIR ENGEL is an internationally known, award-winning artist and exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, actress and performer. Her work has received ardent music industry acclaim in the United States, with multiple Grammy Award considerations for nomination, as well as in Canada, the U.K. and abroad, where her powerful, original music and unforgettable concerts have garnered many international  awards.

Ofir’s long list of energizing stage appearances have even included a much-acclaimed performance at The White House in Washington, D.C. With her beautiful songwriting and meaningful poetry, Queen Ofir has earned continuous recognition for her unique artistry and  indelible style, which carries a depth of emotion, sensitivity and feeling that is uncommon in the entertainment industry today.

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Fearless Wings of Love (World Peace Anthem)


September 12, 2019



A Powerful, Revolutionary and Original World Peace Anthem!

Los Angeles, CA – International recording artist, singer-songwriter and film actress Queen Ofir, who has enjoyed numerous considerations for Grammy nomination in recent years, has released her world peace anthem “Fearless Wings of Love” on September 11, 2019, through her label Passion Show Records.  The song is a powerful tribute and hymn to people everywhere to embrace and engender love, friendship and amity throughout the world, and is now available on iTunes at https://music.apple.com/us/album/1479496663?app=itunes..

“It’s so timely to release my peace anthem on 9/11 this week.  The need for world peace is more urgent than ever before,” said Queen Ofir (aka Ofir Engel).  “And the purpose of my song is to inspire through peace-loving lyrics and beautiful music for every person to become like Fearless Wings of Love.  Then go out and live, love and share this urgent message for world peace!”

Queen Ofir has established her epic career composing songs almost always with uplifting lyrics and inspiring melodies.  And again, she truly has set the bar high with this seminal anthem which includes lyrics sung in Italian as well as English.  The ballad is also prefaced with the salutations of “Worldwide Gratitude And Inspirations” and “Queen Ofir’s Musical Gift To The World.”  For this new production, the Queen collaborated with composer-producer Tommy C. Bruno on the arrangement who also oversaw the song’s mixing and mastering.  Additional credit goes to master musician Mark Englert on base.

Queen Ofir has a full schedule of events planned for this year that includes concerts in California, Florida and New York, along with roles in several upcoming film projects.  Fans can view all of Queen Ofir’s career updates by visiting the Queen Ofir Fan Page on Facebook or her artist website at http://www.queenofir.com.  She is also on IMDb and LinkedIn as Ofir Engel.

For further information, interested parties can contact Queen Ofir’s manager Ron Jones, CEO of Venue Universe LLC; and both Ron and Queen Ofir are available for questions, media interviews and reviews via the full-contact info provided herein below.


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Photography by Don Taylor Atkinson